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        Wendy Weinstock Brown 315

        Guest Editorial

        Psychosocial Factors in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
        Steven D. Weisbord, Janet B. McGill, and Paul L. Kimmel 316
        Symptoms and Their Correlates in Chronic Kidney Disease
        Steven D. Weisbord 319
        Depression in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients: A Critical Review
        Paul L. Kimmel, Daniel Cukor, Scott D. Cohen, and Rolf A. Peterson 328
        Social Support and Chronic Kidney Disease: An Update
        Scott D. Cohen, Tushar Sharma, Kimberly Acquaviva, Rolf A. Peterson, Samir S. Patel, and Paul L. Kimmel 335
        Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life Among Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
        Mark L. Unruh and Rachel Hess 345
        Psychosocial Assessment of the Patient on Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis: An Overview
        Diane Wuerth, Susan H. Finkelstein, and Fredric O. Finkelstein 353
        Psychosocial and Quality of Life Issues in Women With End-Stage Renal Disease
        Susie Q. Lew and Samir S. Patel 358
        Health-Related Quality of Life for Children With Chronic Kidney Disease
        Stuart L. Goldstein, Arlene C. Gerson, and Susan Furth 364
        Quality of Life After Kidney Transplantation: The Bright Side of Life?
        Fabienne Dobbels, Leentje De Bleser, Sabina De Geest, and Richard N. Fine 370
        Dialysis Discontinuation: Quo Vadis?
        Fliss Murtagh, Lewis M. Cohen, and Michael J. Germain 379
        Palliative Care in End-Stage Renal Disease: Illness Trajectories, Communication, and Hospice Use
        Jean L. Holley 402

        Social Work

        Begin With the End in Mind: The Value of Outcome-Driven Nephrology Social Work
        Mary Beth Callahan 409
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        Subject Index 417
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